1986: The 99¢ Theater

Summer being the time of blockbuster movies, here’s a true Lost Laurel blockbuster: footage from 1986 leading up to the opening of the 99¢ theater at Town Center! Courtesy of the amazing Jeff Krulik and Paul Sanchez, this clip captures the Rt. 197 & Contee Road shopping center as it was in the mid-80s—including Peoples Drug, Tropical Fish City, DiGennaro’s, Church’s Fried Chicken, and more.

Much more to come—including footage from the grand opening itself (complete with performances by the legendary Sammy Ross, on loan from Delaney’s Irish Pub!) Thanks again, Jeff!!

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One thought on “1986: The 99¢ Theater

  1. I left Laurel in 1965 to go to nursing school so all these “memories” are new to me.
    I do, however, remember 10 cent movies. My dad’s barbershop, Veterans on Main Street, would put a Laurel Cinema sign in the window every week. The barbers would get 10 cent passes. Woo-whoooo! I needed only $1.00 for a movie, Coke, and popcorn–with change left over. Now I go on Senior Special Days.
    And one of the movies I remember the most: Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte…scared the sh**t outta me.

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