Voices of Laurel

I’m excited to announce the arrival of a very special new project from the Laurel History Boys.

Voices of Laurel is a new kind of newspaper—a free, quarterly digital edition produced by a diverse range of contributors. It’s not a newspaper in the truest sense of the word, but rather a collection of articles about Laurel written by people from Laurel—history pieces, stories from first responders, hometown memories, profiles, and a whole lot more.

Kevin Leonard and I are producing this through the collaboration of dozens of others—a widely diverse range of writers and contributors who each bring a distinctive voice in their stories about our hometown. Current contributors include representatives from the Laurel Historical Society, Laurel Volunteer Fire and Police Departments, veteran staff from the Laurel Leader, and many more.

We hope you’ll enjoy it, and maybe even lend your voice to future issues! Let me know if you’re interested in becoming a part of it.

Download the inaugural issue here:

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One thought on “Voices of Laurel

  1. Jack Brady says:

    Richard, Years back I attended a “save the diner” Saturday breakfast. I have followed your interest in my home town I arrived in Laurel in 1948 into a new house in the corner of Fifth and Carrol. A step off of my property landed me on the original elementary school property. Never late. Senior year, sept to Christmas in old high and January to graduation in new high on country road Cherry Lane. Many stories to share. I’m attaching a Sir Robert signed copy of Laurel pop festival. I was a volunteer roady on 2016 Lampedusa, Concerts for Refugees music tour. Boulder to DC, 11 venues, including Toronto. I think I convinced him I saw him at the racetrack. He said he obviously has few memories of many shows. Wheaton?? Let’s speak. Jack Brady 202-437-7680

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