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Kickstarter.com’s PROJECT OF THE DAY!

If you happen to visit Kickstarter.com’s home page today, you’ll notice something pretty amazing… The Lost Laurel book has been named their Project of the Day, and is being featured over thousands of other active projects in 13 different genres! Less than three days into the campaign, this is a tremendously happy surprise!

As of this post, funding for the book has now topped 95%, and is less than $100 away from reaching its goal! The campaign runs for 28 more days, and can use every last bit of funding it can get. So please keep spreading the word, and if you haven’t already made your $40 level pledge to reserve your book, (or score one of the limited-edition signed copies for $55—they’re going fast!) please lock those orders in now!


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Lost Laurel Book: HERE IT IS!


I’ve just gotten the green light to launch the Kickstarter campaign for my Lost Laurel book, and it is officially live!

The campaign has 30 days (29 and counting, as we speak…) to meet its funding goal, so please reserve your copy today and help make the book a reality!

The link includes a complete overview of the project, including a cool little video that was produced for this purpose by my friends Eric Espejo and Aaron Goodmiller of 19th + Wilson.

The book itself is at the $40 level, but you’ll also find plenty of contributor reward levels available, and there will be more to come (including some original artifacts from the Lost Laurel collection, and some that are actually featured in the book)!

The Kickstarter campaign is an all-or-nothing venture, meaning that unless the project goal of $3,000 is met or exceeded, it won’t be funded; and it only lasts for 30 days. So please contribute what you can now, and spread the word! No pledges will be collected (you won’t be charged anything at all) until the campaign ends, and then only if the project is successfully funded.

So, please consider this your chance to reserve a copy of the Lost Laurel book by pledging the $40 level minimum today!