Dart Drug

Because it was one of the closest in proximity to my childhood home at Steward Manor Apartments—and a perennial favorite for candy, magazines, and pretty much anything else—let’s start with Dart Drug. Throughout the 80s, this particular store sat proudly beside the original Safeway (later relocated to Laurel Lakes) and served the neighborhood well. But by 1990, it was gone.

The company had been immensely popular in the DC metropolitan area, even spinning off Trak Auto and Crown Books—both of which would also eventually go under.

The building still sits there today, currently as a Sherwin-Williams paint center and a Pan-Am Grocery. It’s easy to forget just how big the store actually was.

I realized that I have a particular nostalgia for this Dart Drug. Most of the photos my family took while I was growing up—those small square Kodak 126 prints that are still in so many of my mom’s albums—were processed at this location. At least one roll of film was lost, now that I think of it. God, I’d love to know what was on it…

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