One of the stalwart five-and-dime stores, Woolworth’s was a fixture at Laurel Shopping Center for years. Situated between Peoples Drug Store (or CVS, as it were) and the skyway entrance to Laurel Centre Mall, it was a perennial favorite for just about everyone.

Laurel’s Woolworth’s boasted a legendary candy aisle, but also had a little bit of everything—from sewing to light hardware to automotive needs. It also included a throwback to earlier days—a lunch counter that served awesome grilled cheese sandwiches, as I recall.

I still think of Woolworth’s around Christmas time, as they probably pushed holiday decorations even more than their competitors; with aisles worth of tinsel, wreaths, lights, and other ornaments. It was something about being in Woolworth’s around that time that always brought out the Christmas spirit like few other places. Maybe because it was also a popular spot for the local Salvation Army bell-ringers.

Logo, 1960s–70s

Logo, 1980s–90s

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5 thoughts on “Woolworth’s

  1. PJ Clark says:

    Wasn’t the lunch counter just inside the door on the right hand side? And for a while, on the other side of the shopping center, there was also a Woolco for a few years. Weren’t they the same company?? Then came the rental movie place (Erol’s?) in the same space.

    I’ve also went to Bart’s Barber shop for many years, even for a while after his son took over. Remember the “Take A Number” machine on Saturdays?

    • Richard Friend says:

      The lunch counter was along the far right wall when you entered Woolworth’s. (Ironically, there were THREE lunch counters in Laurel Shopping Center simultaneously until the mid-70s: Peoples Drug, Woolworth’s, and Kresge each had one.

      Woolco very briefly took over the space that was originally The Hecht Co. (on the opposite side of the shopping center) in 1982—and promptly went out of business in January 1983.

      Erol’s Video Club was tucked away in the corner to the left of Giant Food in what used to be an open walkway that extended out to Fourth Street. That corridor has been walled off. Coincidentally, Bart’s Barber Shop also used to be in that corridor, but relocated to their current storefront. The shop looks identical to the old space, making it hard to believe it ever moved!

  2. PJ Clark says:

    Actually, Erol’s was in the corner between Giant and perhaps the hobby shop? Did the Woolworth space become a restaurant eventually? Ruby Tuesday??

    Remember Gavriles Candy and Soda on Main Street? Or the news store on Main Street near US 1? They had beer AND newspapers,including the racing form. Or Dr. McCeeney’s office on in the old house on Main Street. Quite a few years ago! Is Poist Gas still on Main Street?

    • firstname lastname says:

      According to this it says between People’s Drug Store (now CVS) and the skywalk to Laurel Mall (Now an empty spot). The current Harbor Freight Tools location seems the most likely spot but that area describes the whole area between Dress Barn and Harbor Freight. Not sure where exactly since this was before my time.

      • Richard Friend says:

        Woolworth’s was indeed in the location currently occupied by Harbor Freight Tools.

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