Remember when The Arbitron Building actually housed… Arbitron?

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5 thoughts on “Arbitron

  1. estic tempesta says:

    Before there was an arbitron building at that location there was a brick rambler at 312 marshall ave.I used to live there.As a matter of fact there were 11 brick ramblers on one side of the street and on the other side next to the 4th street there were 2 more.All were torn down to make way for the new strip center.

    • Richard Friend says:

      Wow! Estic, do you have any photos of the houses and/or construction of the building you can share here? Aside from aerial photos, I haven’t seen much of Marshall Ave. before the building opened in January, 1979.

      On another note, do you happen to be related to an Andy Tempesta, who’d be about my age (39)? He was one of my best friends in elementary school, but we lost touch decades ago, unfortunately.

      • estic tempesta says:

        Richard, I know i have a few.I was born & raised in Laurel & I have lived in Laurel for 62 years.As a matter of fact I currently lived one block from where I was born.Give me a few days & I will find some interesting pictures for u of old old Laurel

  2. estic tempesta says:

    Andy Tempesta is my son.He is living in SC.He calls me abount once a month.Iwill call him & let him know.

    • Richard Friend says:

      Mr. Tempesta! What a small world!! Yes, please do give Andy my best! So many nice little surprises have come from this project! 🙂

      While I don’t remember exactly what my parents might have been shopping for, I can still recall a kind gentleman in a gray suit at JC Penney many years ago, making sure they were being taken care of. I remember he had a name tag that read “Tempesta”, and I told my mom, “I wonder if that’s Andy’s dad?”

      I can’t wait to see your photos! Thanks so much, again!

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