Laurel Art Center: Liquidation Part II

Matt Emery, with his parents, Joyce and Leo—founders of the Laurel Art Center. (Photo: Richard Friend)

Well, there’s good news and bad news. Let’s start with the bad news first.

The bad news is that the Laurel Art Center as we know it is indeed closing for sure. Last month’s two-day liquidation sale drew a record number of sale-seekers, artists, and nostalgia buffs—many of whom, like myself, fit that combined description.

The good news is that if you missed the chance to visit the store that one last time, don’t fret—there’s going to be one more opportunity after all:

For immediate release, 5/24/12
Contact:    Matt Emery, Laurel Art Center Representative

Laurel Art Center to Liquidate

Main Street’s Laurel Art Center will hold its final liquidation sale Memorial Day Weekend from 10:00-5:00 each day.

Last month, the store held a similar sale which drew over 1500 people to its eclectic inventory of framed artwork, picture frames, and art supplies.

There still remains thousands of pieces of artwork.  Framed artwork will be discounted 80%.  Unframed prints and posters will sell for $2.00 each.

There are also over 2,000 ready-made frames for sale in many sizes and styles.  All frames will be $4.00 each or buy any 8 frames for $20.00.

Art supplies are limited and will sell in lots only.  A typical lot will have about $200.00 worth of supplies and will sell for $20.00.  Racks, shelving, and furnishings are also being liquidated.

The store is owned by longtime Laurel residents, Leo & Joyce Emery.  The liquidation is being handled by their son, Matt.  Matt believes this upcoming sale presents even greater values than the last.  He also adds that he welcomes anyone to stop by even if they aren’t shopping and just want to say goodbye to a Laurel landmark.

Having stopped by the store last week, I can assure you—there’s a lot of great stuff left. Clearly, it takes more than one marathon weekend of sales to liquidate 10,000 square feet of legendary art supply awesomeness.

Coincidentally, I just discovered the following article today in a May, 1983 Laurel Leader supplement; it gives a nice overview of the Emery family’s retail legacy on Main Street, and an almost tangible account of this wonderful store. I thought I’d said my goodbyes, but knowing the doors will be open for one last time, how can I resist going back?

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