Happy 80th, Fred Knapp!


Admittedly, a blog update here is long overdue… (the Lost Laurel Facebook page has been getting all the action lately).

But I’d be remiss if I didn’t note this very special day on both pages. Fred Knapp is celebrating his 80th birthday today! According to his step-daughter, Debbie, Mr. Knapp is doing well and living in Elkridge.

While I’ve yet to get over the fact that we’ll never see another Keller’s/Knapp’s Laurel News Agency, the very thought of the jovial Fred Knapp enjoying his well-deserved retirement brings a smile to my face.

Happy birthday to a man who will always represent everything that was wonderful about Main Street.

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3 thoughts on “Happy 80th, Fred Knapp!

  1. Bob Ostman says:

    Happy Birthday from Ocala, FL Fred! I sure miss the news stand. It seemed to me that you had every paper in publication in your store. Here’s to another 80 years.

  2. crabby777@aol.com says:

    I love Fred Knap. I live in Florida now. WE lived in Laurel for 27 years. Our house was on
    A St. He was Wonderful made us feel welcomed. He was great at listening and always had good advice.Everyone kne him. He helped so much in guiding you to someone you really like. Most of all he loved my kids and my kids loved him. I will never forget how my daughter ran home with money and told me that Uncle Fred gave it to her it o her because it was her birthday! When we go back to Laurel it is sad for me n ot seeing his store

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