Coming soon—Lost Laurel: THE BOOK!


Here it is—a sneak peek at what’s in the works: the very first LOST LAUREL BOOK!

Sometime in the next few weeks, I’m planning to launch a fundraiser to cover the expenses of a first-run printing of the book I’m designing myself; and I’m making sure there will be a lot of very cool Lost Laurel rewards available for everyone who contributes to the project.

The Kickstarter campaign will feature tiered contribution levels—everything from $1 and up! For example, a $5 contribution might get your name printed in the acknowledgments section; a $10 contribution might get you the acknowledgement, plus a Lost Laurel postcard in the mail, updating you on the book’s progress.

On the larger side, a $100 contribution might not only get you one of the limited-edition hardcover books, but I’ll deliver it in person, treat you to lunch at the legendary Tastee Diner, and take a group walking tour of nearby Main Street. You get the idea. But most importantly, the more I can raise through Kickstarter, the bigger, better, & more affordable the book will be.There’ll be much more info to come; but in the meantime, I’ve been getting fantastic feedback in terms of how many folks are interested in contributing—I’m happy to say that the demand is definitely there!

On a related note, now is also the time to go through your own photos and artifacts—you may have something that would be an excellent addition to the book! If so, you’ll receive a photo credit (and, of course, a free copy!) If you have any photos to share, please email me at with details.

As always, many thanks for your support! Stay tuned, and check the Facebook page for updates!

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2 thoughts on “Coming soon—Lost Laurel: THE BOOK!

  1. Sarah says:

    Richard, I look forward with great anticipation to owning a copy of this incredible book about Lost Laurel, to be written by you! This is so exciting; please continue to update us on the details! Thanks!

  2. Larry L says:

    I will contribute to the fundraising.. I cannot wait to own this long overdue book!!

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