Lost Laurel TV: Revisiting the Lost & Found Laurel Exhibit

Due to a busier-than-usual schedule, (and a few technical difficulties on my part) this newest episode of the Lost Laurel show for Laurel TV is a bit late… but it’s done—and better late than never!

I filmed it in December, just as the Lost & Found Laurel exhibit was about to close at the Laurel Museum. The idea is that if you didn’t have a chance to experience it in person, (or if you overlooked some of the pieces during what was the museum’s busiest opening day of all time) this episode will give you a chance to see it in full detail.

It also includes an interview with Laurel Historical Society Executive Director Lindsey Baker, who not only gives an overview of the show, but a preview of the new 2015 exhibit, Ripped from the Headlines: Laurel in the News—which has since opened. (Go check it out—it’s awesome!)

You can watch the episode below, or view it directly on YouTube at full size. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Lost Laurel TV: Revisiting the Lost & Found Laurel Exhibit

  1. elizabeth caulkins says:

    Great job…! It sure did bring back the memories…..!

  2. Kirk Felix says:

    This was a terrific episode of Lost Laurel. I will be visiting Laurel in May and do hope to visit the Museum at that time. Thank you Richard for an awesome experience.

    Kirk Felix

    • Richard Friend says:

      Thanks, Kirk! By the way, Kevin Leonard is hoping to touch base with you about an upcoming column he’s working on for the Laurel Leader—it’s about the 1970 Centennial. He noticed one of your comments and said he’d love to talk with you. If you haven’t heard from him through Facebook yet, please drop him a line at theleonardgroupinc@verizon.net. Thanks again!

      ~ Richard

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