Laurel Elementary

Admittedly, I don’t often focus on Laurel’s schools and other municipal buildings; but every so often, I’ll come across something particularly interesting that I feel should be on this blog. More than likely, it will come from someone else who’s taken the time to share special family photos or artifacts.

Such is the case with the following class photos from Laurel Elementary School on Montgomery Street in the 1950s and 60s, courtesy of Janice Kaifer.

These are good quality scans, so be sure to click on the photos to view them at full size. Perhaps you’ll recognize someone!

This first pair dates to 1932:


Next, we skip forward a bit to 1953. This is Mrs. Strasser’s 2nd grade class:


A 3rd grade class in 1954:


Mrs. Schlosser’s 4th grade class in 1955:


5th grade, in 1956:


Another 5th grade class, circa 1957:


Next, we get into some color photos! This is Mrs. Birdsong’s kindergarten class in 1960:


Mrs. Schlosser’s 3rd grade class in 1963:


Mrs. Wootten’s 5th grade class in 1965:


Mrs. Johnson’s 6th grade class in 1966:


And last but not least, Mrs. Weagley’s “GOLES”—Girls of Laurel Elementary School—in 1966:


With any luck, some readers may find themselves, and/or family and friends in some of these photos. Many thanks again to Janice for taking the time to scan and share them!

The old building was replaced with a more modern facility a few years after these class photos were taken. If anyone knows the year the current structure was built, (or can elaborate on the history of the original building) please leave a comment below.

And while we’re on the subject of the old Laurel Elementary School, here’s a pair of vintage postcards from John Floyd II‘s collection:


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9 thoughts on “Laurel Elementary

  1. mitziflyte says:

    Richard: Thanks for sharing these great photos. I went to Laurel Elementary but didn’t see a cute, chubby girl (me) in any of the photos but I do remember Mrs. Schossler. These were perfect to see today as I’m planning to go to my 50th (!) high school reunion in June.
    Thanks again,
    Mitzi Tornese (Flyte) Reinbold

  2. Dave Baker says:

    The building was demolished around 1975-1976. I watched bulldozers push the wall over in the gymnasium. I went to the new school starting in 1977.

    • Richard Friend says:

      Thanks, Dave!

    • Paul McGrath says:

      Actually, I believe it was 1974. I went to 3rd grade and graduated from 3rd grade in 1973. I went to the Laurel Annex and Mr. Hoes was my teacher for 4th grade. In September of 1974 I started 5th grade in Ms. Gordon’s class in the new building. Let me know if that’s something you might remember.

  3. Reagan wilson says:

    My dad was the gym teacher there until in 2000s…. Larry wilson. He’s was there withrs. Weagly and Johnson

  4. Ann kottal says:

    Boy do those photos bring back some memories. I wasn’t in any of them but do remember Mrs Birdsong, Mrs Schlossher, Mrs Weagley and my nemisis Mrs Wooten. Ahh, those were the days…

    • Chris Webster, South Riding, VA says:

      Richard, my Bond Mill neighborhood was redistricted to Laurel Elementary when the new school was completed. The fist full school year in the current building began in the fall of 1974.

      Congrats on the award! I have shown my sons some of the odder things on Lost Laurel, and now they want to go and explore Laurel!

  5. Nancy Lawrence says:

    I was in a second grade in 1956. Does anyone know who the teacher would have been? She was very elderly. I sat next to Tommy Wingfield, the son of Dr. Wingfield in the community.

  6. Paul McGrath says:

    The school was done over (I believe) in 1974. My last year in Laurel original was 1973 by TAB drinking Ms. Levine in 3rd grade. I went to the Laurel Annex in 1974 and a great teacher Mr. Hoes for 4th grade. I returned back to the newly established Laurel Elementary in 1975 in Ms. Gordon’s class for 5th grade and finished with Ms. Kitty Wysong and a great teacher for 6th grade. Also, one year prior to the Washington Bullets being in the NBA finals the Bullets practiced at the Laurel Annex and it was such a treat getting autographs after school from them. They would practice after school let out.

    Oh, I was the last class to Ms. Strasser in 1971 as she retired that year. She famously would make you smack yourself if you acted up. Trust me you never got away with smacking yourself once.

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