The Soundtrack of Lost Laurel

I grew up at Steward Manor Apartments in the 1980s, and am still in touch with many of my neighborhood friends and other residents. A few years ago, I had the idea of designing a “soundtrack” album—I asked my friends to list songs that, for whatever reason, remind them of their days at Steward Manor. As I’m working on a follow-up, it occurred to me that I should also survey folks here and create a Lost Laurel version!

That being said, what song(s) most remind you of your best times in Laurel—and why? Any era, any genre. The only criteria is that they have significant meaning to you as a Laurel resident.

Some Lost Laurel Facebook followers have already chimed in with songs that hold meaning for them: songs that played on their car stereos while cruising Laurel Shopping Center, a song they remember hearing at an early Main Street Festival, etc.

Start listing your choices here in the comments, or email me. I’ll curate the songs and will create an album free for downloading.


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3 thoughts on “The Soundtrack of Lost Laurel

  1. Jerry Quigg says:

    Thanks – Seems like a nice idea – But my memory of Laurel is now but a fog.

  2. Kelly says:

    Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy always takes me back to the summer of 1976 hanging at the Larchdale Woods pool!

  3. Kerry Rooney says:

    Welcome to the Jungle- G’N’R
    So many of my favorite childhood memories were spent on the swim team at the Laurel Pool. We had the best older kids as leaders… Elwood and Eric,(I believe, it’s been a few years…) they’d always pump us up with crazy chants and great music. We really went all out to get into battle mode in 1987(?) and blasted ‘Welcome to the Jungle’when the opposing team entered the pool complex, strewn with posters displaying Laurel pride:)

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