A Lost Laurel Hat Trick

It’s rare, but occasionally I’ll find a single artifact that represents more than one Lost Laurel business. A perfect example is this rubber stamp from Cherry Lane Kennels, made by the Fulton Rubber Stamp Company on Main Street in the 1980s. Two for the price of one, so to speak.


But I can’t recall ever having seen an artifact that covered three pieces of Laurel history… until now.


This is a nearly 81-year-old Citizens National Bank of Laurel promissory note to the C.F. Shaffer Lumber Company, both of which were located on Main Street. And it’s signed by Hiram J. Soper, who would later become Mayor of Laurel from 1958–1962.

My thanks to Peter & Martha (Kalbach) Lewnes for both of these unique additions to the Lost Laurel collection!

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One thought on “A Lost Laurel Hat Trick

  1. Maris Sine says:

    Charlie and Maris Sine, co-owners of the Cherry Lane Kennels, also had, for a brief time, a pet shop called Pet and Purr Pet Shop in what used to be Ed’s TV repair connected to the movie Theatre. One day hampsters got loose and ran into movie. lol Maris’s father Robert Hughes was manager at that time and I remember him getting a good laugh at all the screams!!

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