Matchbooks: You Are Here

I recently had the idea to take a few of my vintage Laurel matchbooks for a little field trip… back to their origins. Standing either on site or within sight of the businesses they promote, I photographed them. It’s funny how such a small (and now virtually obsolete) form of advertising can trigger so many vivid memories—especially when shown in this context.

Covering pretty much all corners of the town, the matchbooks represent a range of eras—from the 1930s to the 1990s.

In some cases, if a business was around long enough, (like Peoples Drug, for instance) it had multiple matchbooks over time, showing logo and brand evolution. I plan to photograph as many as I can, and include multiple locations, if possible.

This will be an ongoing project I’ll add to as time permits, and of course as I find more matchbooks. If you have any old ones from Laurel hiding in that kitchen junk drawer, please let me know!

All photos ©2017 Richard Friend | Lost Laurel


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3 thoughts on “Matchbooks: You Are Here

  1. Erin Smith says:

    This is very cool!

  2. Johnna Fintzell says:

    Boy that brought back memories. We moved to Laurel when I was around 8 yrs old in the Oakcrest housing development. I moved out of laurel in 1996. At that time I lived in MD City and worked at Easton Express Day Care. Worked at High’s on main St. Remember the new brick sidewalk being put in and when finished they had a big festival. Which then came yearly the Sunday before mothers day in May.

  3. Steve Beydler says:

    What a project! And very interesting to see for this past Laurelite. Thank you for sharing this. Lived there ’59 -’77, (Graduated in ’77), back from ’80-’82 and this brought back some very fond memories.

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